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Fund Performance as at 30 June 2017
1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
Merchant Opportunities Fund (Ex EPF) 21.21% 55.23% 32.87%
ASX 200 Non-Accum Index 9.33% 2.60% 2.13%
All Ordinaries Non-Accum Index 8.55% 2.98% 2.41%

** Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.
** All returns are NET of fees

The Opportunities Fund: Unique Fund, Unique Opportunities

The Merchant Opportunities Fund (MOF) opens up a world of unique investment opportunities to compliment your existing profile.

The MOF’s Mission:

  • seek to identify a catalyst that will alter the market’s perception of value, therefore prompting the fund to initiate investments based upon sound diligence and a pre-empted exit strategy
  • enter transactions through extensive corporate relationships to which individual investors cannot gain access
  • seek to invest in both public and non public transactions in diverse industries where we see the opportunity for growth in the short to medium term
  • through research and diligence, provide a positive absolute return in all markets uncorrelated to traditional broader indexes such as the ASX 200
  • use risk mitigation strategies to reduce the volatility of the fund

The MOF’s competitive advantage

  • small team
  • 3 year track record
  • nimble and able to act quickly
  • no discount to NTA compared to listed peers
  • Market Neutral therefore zero correlation to broader investment markets
  • absolute return focus
  • unit holder alignment with the bulk of the Investment Manager’s personal wealth invested in the MOF

To get onboard and harness the many benefits and exciting potential the Merchant Opportunities Fund affords, contact our team to discuss your unique investment objectives.