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MEDIA RELEASE – 1-PAGE – Acquisition and Entry into the European Medicinal Cannabis Market

02 February 2018: The Directors of 1 Page Limited (Company) are pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a conditional binding agreement to acquire 100% of the parent company of the HAPA Medical Group based in Germany (HAPA).  Read more here 1-Page Ltd Media Release


REDEMPTION OFFER – Closes 28 February 2018.  Further details here  Redemption Offer – February 2018


NEWSLETTER DEC 2017 – The Merchant Opportunities Fund (MOF or Fund) has performed strongly over the first 6 months of the 2017/18 Financial Year, following on from a 21.21% return net after fees, for the 2016/2017 Financial Year. Read more here Newsletter Dec 2017


REDEMPTION OFFER – Closes 30 November 2017.  Further details here  Redemption Offer – November 2017


NEWSLETTER SEPT 2017 – I am pleased to report that the Merchant Opportunities Fund (MOF or Fund) has performed strongly over the first quarter of the 2017/18 Financial Year, following on from a 21.21% return net after fees for the Financial Year for 2016/17. Read more here Newsletter Sept 2017


REDEMPTION OFFER – Closes 31 August 2017.  Further details here Redemption Offer – August 2017


NEWSLETTER JUN 2017 – The Merchant Opportunities Fund (Fund or MOF) pulled back from its all-time highs in the last quarter of the financial year due to risk aversion in both the Small Cap and Small Resources markets. Read more here Newsletter Jun 2017


REDEMPTION OFFER – Closes 31 May 2017Further details here Redemption Offer – May 2017


REDEMPTION OFFER – Closes 28 February 2017. Further details here  Redemption Offer – February 2017


MEDIA RELEASE – 1-PAGE – Board Change and Withdrawal of Section 203D Notice

23 January 2017: 1-Page Limited (1-Page) today announces the resignation of Mr Rusty Rueff and Mr Joseph Bosch, along with the appointment of Mr Andrew Chapman as Non-Executive Director. Read more here 1-Page Ltd Media Release


NEWSLETTER DEC 2016 – The last quarter of the calendar year 2016 was one of surprising strength in the Blue Chip sector post the US Elections, with the ASX 200 closing up 4.20% over the period. Read more here Newsletter Dec 2016


WAVE PARK GROUP – Australia seeks to ride the inland surfing boom Wave Park Group news article 2017


MEDIA RELEASE – Major 1-PAGE Shareholder says it’s time to turn the page

Perth, 15 December 2016: Merchant Funds Management Pty Ltd (MFM) has advised 1-Page Limited (1-Page or the Company) of its intention to arrange a general meeting of shareholders to be held under section 249F of the Corporations Act, at which shareholders will have the opportunity to vote on a proposal to reconstitute the 1-Page Board.  Read more here 1-Page Ltd Media Release



A meeting of unitholders was held on the 25 November 2016 to approve a change to the Funds Constitution. We are pleased to advise that the resolution was passed by unitholders. Merchant will now finalise the PDS and reopen the Fund to applications and a regular redemption facility.

Redemption Offer – October 2016

Newsletter Sep 2016

Newsletter Jun 2016