Merchant Funds Management manages two funds for our clients, the Opportunities Fund which was started in 2013, and the new Biotech Fund.

The Merchant Opportunities Fund has enabled investors to get exposure to early-stage opportunities. This included both early-stage ASX-listed companies or those soon to be listed. Through our comprehensive research and strong networks, the Merchant Opportunities Fund provided investment opportunities that our clients could not necessarily find themselves, such as investing in companies at the pre-IPO stage.

The Merchant Biotech Fund is a new fund driven by the two passions of fund manager Andrew Chapman- the fascinating Biotechnology space and sharing his expertise and investment knowledge with as wide a range of investors as possible.  This fund will have a minimum investment of $25,000, meaning that it is open to retail investors, and through Independent Financial Advisors.

Merchant Funds Management are all about outperforming the status quo, and thought leadership investing.  We are also about empowering our investors with knowledge and education.  We have your wealth as our priority, your interests are our interests.  We believe that there is an alternative to acting defensively with your finances.

These funds have a cap of $250m, so this is a finite opportunity.  Don’t miss your chance.


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