What we do

We are Merchant Funds Management, a boutique Perth-Based fund manager focused on driving value for our clients.

We do things a little bit differently, with a focus on making wealth creation accessible to as many Australians as possible.  Managing Director Andrew Chapman is taking the expertise he has gained over 20 plus years of managing the investments of the uber-wealthy and is working to make those opportunities available to all. 

Andrew has a background not just in Finance, but in Hospitality, and is also the co-owner of a number of venues in Perth.  His management style is shaped by the hospitality practice of “management by walking around”- getting into the depths of an organisation and getting your hands dirty. When required, Merchant has taken an activist investment style as opportunities have presented, turning companies around for the benefit of all.

With our own money invested in both funds, Merchant Funds Management takes a great interest in the management of the companies we invest in, we’re looking for management that have had track records in their field and “skin in the game”.  Management must have passion, drive and a clear strategy to achieve and deliver upon their goals.  The vision and the passion driving the company is what will often catch Andrew’s eye as a potential investment opportunity.

Merchant Funds Management works hard to find emerging companies that present the best investment opportunities that, over time, we hope to assist in turning them into big name brands.


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